🏢 Warehouse Section

Warehouse Section- the part of the Return Rabbit portal that you can use to manually inspect the products sent back to you and approve or reject those products while deciding how to dispose of them.

How it Works:

You can access the warehouse portal by clicking on the dropdown on the top of your portal. Select warehouse from it.


This is how the warehouse portal looks:


Delivered Products:

For any products that were in transit, whenever we receive a delivered event from the carrier, they will be marked as DELIVERED.

In case of an error and not receiving the DELIVERED event from the carrier, you can manually process the request.

Processing a Request:

To begin processing delivered requests, select the delivered filter on top of the table so that only delivered requests are visible on the table.


Click on any request, and it will take you to the processing screen. It looks like this: 

httpss3-us-west-2.amazonaws.comsecure.notion-static.com7fb40bbb-4b17-4de6-9c91-3320f1819b17Untitled.png?table=block&id=d914f529-da36If you are satisfied with the product received, click Yes on Authorize. Once you click yes or no, you will see other options open up. 


  • Restock
  • Scrap
  • Needs Rework/ Repair/ Repackaging
  • Lost in transit

Returned Product Comments:

httpss3-us-west-2.amazonaws.comsecure.notion-static.coma1aa453c-fed4-4b21-ad62-737096d4d9cfUntitled.png?table=block&id=8c082c14-3832You can also add manual deduction if the product does not match your requirements. You can do so only in the case of Refunds. To know more about Manual Deductions, please reference our article about Manual Deductions. 


Once done, click on Done. You will be taken to the related requests in this package. From there, you can process other requests and then go back to the table to process some more.

If the product has not been marked delivered, but you have received it, remove the delivered filter. Search for the request name, or customer name and find the products on the table. Now you can process them in the same way you can process other requests.