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Shopping Portal Login Page

Shopping Portal Login Page- the setting where you can configure what your login page will look like to your shoppers. You can configure the login image, text styles, and input boxes. The changes you make will only take effect on the login screen.

To get to this configuration, go to:

Configure > Shopper Portal > Login Page


Once you click on manage, you will be taken to the Customize Login Page screen:

httpss3-us-west-2.amazonaws.comsecure.notion-static.com37e159c4-3af1-4447-8bb2-3012cfd17326Untitled.png?table=block&id=bbf2446c-f21bYou can edit the various elements by clicking on the pencil icons next to them. 

Edit Title Style:

The title style will change the font size, weight and color of the "Returns and Exchanges" phrase on the login screen.


Edit Input Label Style:

Changing the input label size, labels of your fields will follow the settings you have laid down here. Please be mindful of how you change the style because if it is too small or of low contrast, some shoppers might have difficulty perceiving it.


Edit Input Styles:

The input style setting allows you to change the weight, size, colour and overall design of the input field. The changes you make here, are reflected throughout the portal, so please be mindful of how you change the visuals.


Header Link Style:

Changing the header link style will change how these links look throughout the portal.


Edit Brand Image:

Editing brand image here will change the image that will be visible on the login screen.