🚤 Service Zones

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Service Zones are the locations that you serve shoppers from. Any customer that is in an area that is not included in your service zone will not see the Send a Shipping label method when choosing to return an item. They will have to ship the item back to you themselves. You can configure your service zones to the city level. Let's take a look at how we can do that.

By default, we automatically set up a US Continental State Zone for you which contains all continental US states and uses USPS as a shipping carrier for any shopper shipping a package from these states to your selected warehouse location.

To configure your service zones, navigate to: Configure > Shipping > Service Zones

  1. Once there, you will see a table of Service Zones created by you.

  2. To add a new service zone, click on Add a Zone.

    This will lead you to a new page, where you will detail out the service zone.

  3. Give your service zone a name, and then we move on to defining the zone area To do that, select a region, which is a continent.

  4. Once you've selected the continent, you can select the countries that you wish to serve in.

  5. Once selected, you can choose specific states that you can serve in.

If you wish to include all, there is an option to select all countries in the dropdown menu.

  1. If you wish to exclude some parts of the selected areas, you can do that by adding an exclusion. You can add an exclusion by clicking on Add an Exclusion and defining the excluded area.

So, in this example, the city of Anchorage in Alaska will not be serviceable based on the exclusion that you have added.