Service Lanes

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Service lanes are the pipelines that stretch across your service zones, connecting service facilities to the shopper's home. A lane is an entity that is made of a few things:

The service lane is where everything that we've set up so far in shipping will be utilized in one place. The lane provides the dynamic rates.

To add a service lane, you will need to configure Service facilities, Service Zones, standard box dimensions, and Carrier and SLAs. Once done, navigate to Configure > Shipping > Service Lanes

You will see a table that will have a list of existing lanes. By default, ReturnRabbit creates the US Continental States to your Warehouse lane using USPS as a carrier.

  1. To add a new lane, click on "Add a Lane"

    Once done, you will be taken to a new page, where you will be prompted to add details about the lane.

  2. To describe your lane, you will need:

    Name (Give your lane a name, so it is distinguishable from the other lanes)

    Select a Source. (Service Zone. You can select multiple zones and direct the packages from these lanes to a specific facility)

    Select a destination (Service Facility)

  1. Once you have done that, you will be required to choose a carrier and shipping method(s) for that lane.

  2. Once completed, you can hit create lane, and your lane will be created.

One of the major features offered by ReturnRabbit is that you can choose to have different carriers for different shipping lanes (i.e. use different shippers like USPS, Fedex to serve shopper in different cities, states or countries).

For example, you can use USPS for shoppers shipping items from state A to Warehouse X but then use DHL for shoppers shipping items from State B to Warehouse Y.

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