Service Facilities

Service facilities- locations where returns will be sent; it can be a warehouse, your store, or a hybrid facility.

You can have multiple store & warehouse locations here. The destination location that will be used by Return Rabbit to ship items back will depend on the service lane configuration.

  • To add a facility, navigate to Configure > Shipping > Service Facilities . You will need to provide a name and the address of the facility. A list of facilities that you already have is shown as a table on the service facilities page. These facilities are automatically synced with Shopify and you can also take a look at your Shopify facilities from here.
  • Default Warehouse: This will be the address where all the returns/Exchanges will go and this can be changed at any point in time.
  • Turning facilities on and off: If for some reason, a facility is not operational, you can use the status toggle to turn off that facility. The items in transit when the facility was turned off will still reach the same facility. You need to have at least one warehouse facility active at all times.


  • To add a new facility, click on "Add a facility". A new page will open up that will require particulars from you. You enter the name of the facility and the address. Then click on Add facility and you will see the facility in the table.


What needs to be done after you change a warehouse location?

  • The shipping lanes that you have configured, work on the basis of a source and destination address so an update should be made to make sure service lines work seamlessly.
  • The source address is the shopper address and the destination address is the warehouse address. So if you create a new facility i.e. you are creating a new entry (and not editing the existing one), you will need to update the service lanes to use this new facility as the destination location too. Failing to do this will still keep sending packages to your old locations.