Product Tags

Product Tags- certain tags that can be added to a product in Shopify which will enable the desired outcome in ReturnRabbit, such as enabling only exchange or returns on certain products. 

Please note- Product tags are a feature that is not self-serve. If you want to add a function to the existing tags, please contact us at 

How to use Product Tags?

To see the functions available for the product tags, navigate to:

Configure > Return Management > Product tags

There, you will see the tags and what they signify. Copy the tag text and add it to the tags space in Shopify. Once done, the product with the tag will exhibit the behavior described.

Tags for blocking returns and exchanges both:

Tags for blocking returns: 

httpss3-us-west-2.amazonaws.comsecure.notion-static.come393823b-f86d-4634-a0f8-bd55fdbe1a0bScreenshot_2021-08-06_at_12.25.19_PM.png?Tags for blocking exchanges: 


Tag for KEEP ITEMS ( Green Returns):

For more information related to the Keep Item tag and its use cases please refer to the below notion document:

Green Returns: Shopper keeps Item