🔌New Integrations, Pre-Ordering, & Exchange Hub

It's all coming together...

It's a beautiful thing when all the little pieces start to come together—like exchanges, integrations, and service windows. Here are some of the updates we made to Return Rabbit so you can do more, easier & faster:


Exchange Management

  • Centralized Settings: Just call it command central. What used to require hopping around to various places in the portal to manage settings for exchanges are now in one tidy place.
  • Pro Tip 💡 Embrace Exchange Incentives! Make sure your shoppers know all the incentives you offer to choose an exchange. Learn more about how to set these up here

New Integrations

  • Gorgias: Now you can create a seamless support experience by placing all returns and exchanges data inside your Gorgias admin. Save time and focus on customer needs to close tickets faster with all the information you need in one place, or toggle directly from Gorgias to your Return Rabbit return portal with ease. View refund status, shipping status, return reasons, exchange details, and more.
  • Shippo: Another shipping aggregator? Yes, please! With Shippo you can bring your own carriers and get access to the best rates.

Service Windows

  • Set from Delivery Date: If you deal with pre-order campaigns, delayed fulfillments, or other business needs that should be tied to date of delivery, we're talking to you.