Why are META (Facebook and Instagram) orders being locked when we try to process them?

This happens due to META not allowing manual amounts to be processed as refunds on Shopify.

Shopify policy page

META payments help

  • META only allows equal exchanges and full refunds but if there is a upsell or down-sell for exchanges and a partial refund on the order then SHOPIFY limits us from doing custom amount refunds hence to avoid any irregular refunds we lock the order for manual processing and you will see an error like in the below screenshot.

The best way to process this is to cancel the request on ReturnRabbit to remove it from locked requests to declutter and process them outside of RetunRabbit directly via Shopify from the payments page by following the below steps.

  1. From your Shopify admin page, go to Orders. Find the order and click on it

  2. Click on Return Items.

  3. Enter the number of items in the order that are being returned.

  4. The label and tracking details will be on the ReturnRabbit portal so you can choose to update that data or mark it as No Return Shipping to create a return without any return shipping information
  5. Then click on create a return and the refund is processed.

    The refund amount cannot be manually adjusted and the information is automatically shown on Shopify.

We do have the ability to block META orders from being serviceable if necessary and remove the block when there is a solution. 

Note: Your shoppers can still place their requests on the portal. This only affects the final processing for your team and may result in a slight delay in refund/exchange for the shopper as it has to be done on Shopify directly.