Manage Users


Manage users refers to the setting that will allow you to add, edit or create users with permissions as per you require.

Permissions on Return Rabbit are divided into two different types of users:

  • Super User: A super user has access to everything across the portal. They can create new users, manage your billing plan, and edit permissions of different users. They are the only ones with access to the Settings section of the merchant portal.
  • Non Super User: A non super user will only be able to access the parts of the portal that they have permission for here.

Link to configuration

To get to the Manage users section, go to Settings > Manage Users

 🟥 Only the Super User has access to Settings. For all the other users, this part of the portal will not be accessible.

For any users other than superusers, they will see the following on the portal.

This is the table that shows you the users that you have on your portal, and the permissions that they have. You will also have the ability to edit, delete or activate/deactivate a user. You can also create a new super user.

Creating a new user:

To create a new user, click on the “ADD USER” button on the top right hand corner of the Manage Users page.

You will be taken to a new page, where you can define the particulars of your new user.

User details:

The user details section contains the basic details of the user. Their Name and E-mail Address.

Making a superuser:

This checkbox will make the user into a super user, with access to all parts of the portal, including settings. You can check this checkbox, and all permissions will be selected.



Permissions is the section that will define what access this user has in the portals.

Note : Orders & Service Request permissions are only available together.

You can select any permission set that you want and click save changes to save the new user.

The new user will get an e-mail to set up their Return Rabbit password. When they follow the link on the e-mail, they will be taken to a password generation page, after which they will be able to access their portals.

Suggested Use Cases:

  • Super User: A super user is necessary for the functioning of the portal. You need to have at least one super user at a time. Only the super users have access to settings. Settings contain the following sections:

    • Manage Users: Keeps track of users of your portal.
    • Manage Subscription: Keeps track of your Return Rabbit subscription.
    • Manage API Tokens: Houses the API keys that allow Return Rabbit to be integrated with different services.

    Only the super users see this sensitive data, so we suggest that you have at least two super users.

  • Admin User: An admin user will be a non-super user that has access to Admin portal. They will be able to see and resolve the requests.

    • You can choose to allow such users access to the configure section which contains your rules and policies.
    • You can also give them access to Warehouse and Store portals as well.