Manage Users

Manage Users- the processes involved with seeing all the users of the Return Rabbit Portal, their permissions, and whether they can access specific parts of the portal.

Currently, permissions are divided into these types:

  • Admin
  • Warehouse
  • Store

Any user will only be able to access the portal that they have permissions for here.


Adding a user:

To add a new user, just click on "Add User" and a dialog box will open up.

Provide the Name and E-mail Address of the new user and click Save Changes.

httpss3-us-west-2.amazonaws.comsecure.notion-static.com2e9b6ef0-9d9f-4a89-9bb5-01576d4675f0Screenshot_2021-08-02_at_12.57.14_PM.png?By default, the user will have permission to access both Admin and Warehouse and Store

If you want to restrict the permission of a particular user to just a warehouse or store, you can contact the Return Rabbit team at


Deleting a user:


To delete a user, click on the Delete icon in the table.

A dialog box will ask for confirmation, and when you click delete, the user will be deleted.

Editing a user:



You can edit a user's name. To do that, click on the pencil icon, and in the dialog box that opens, enter the new name.