✨Gift Cards for All + Fancier Filtering

Gliding into summer like: Gift cards for all!

June 2022 Product Update


We. Are. Pumped about the recent upgrades to help you more easily manage, support, and make your post-purchase experience even more hare-raisingly easy. Here are a few highlights that are sure to brighten up your summer selling:


Gift Cards & Refunds

  • Gift Cards for All: You can now enable refunds to store credit for all users! Retain more revenue by offering the glamour of a gift card. Plus, you can set multiple service windows so shoppers get longer to exchange for a gift card. #hophophooray
  • Manual Refund Adjustment: Want to apply a re-stocking fee when an item is returned in poor condition? All those other instances where you need to tweak the refund amount? You asked, you got it. 

Fancier Filtering Functionality

  • Catalog Exchange: Your shoppers will be wowed by the improved filtering and sorting options during catalog exchange. No more page after page of products—now they can narrow it down to exactly what they want.
  • Service Request by Shipment Status: You can filter this now by delivered, in-transit, and pre-transit. So much data, so little time 🤓