Frequently asked questions from customers.

Why is this service request locked?

here are multiple reasons why a service request might get locked and below will be the most common ones

When the items are out of stock

When items are out of stock the request goes to a locked state for manual intervention and in this case, the best possible way to resolve this issue is to wait for the items to get in stock and then unlock and process it for them to go through if the customer prefers to wait.

If the customer prefers a refund then the request can be canceled from the locked requests tab and a new refund request can be created and the same way if the customer prefers to do an exchange for a different item then the old locked request can be canceled and a new request can be created for an exchange with an item which is in stock.

When a manual modification is directly processed via Shopify.

In this case, the service request goes to a locked state because a modification is done on the order or exchange directly on Shopify then ReturnRabbit will be unable to pull data related to the manual modifications to process it after.

In this case, the best way to resolve the issue is to process it directly via Shopify and cancel the locked request.

When Shopify API does not send ReturnRabbit data.

This is a rare case where Shopify API does not send data to ReturnRabbit but processes the refund internally which does not reflect on ReturnRabbit. In this case, the best way is to cancel the request on ReturnRabbit as Shopify has already processed it.

How does it work if Shopify POS is used for in-store returns?

The shopper would simply go through the entire process online and choose to return to the store, and then drop off items at the store.

Setting up instore returns

Making an instore return

Why is an order unserviceable?

This can happen in several cases such as the order having an unsupported payment method or being created from draft orders or if a product tag is used. The best way to troubleshoot is to check the error message as they are usually accurate.

Why are labels not being created for a Return/Exchange?

We rely on carriers through EasyPost to create labels for returns or exchanges on our portal so if there are any momentary downtime or depleting of funds on your account labels will not get generated but as soon as the service is up and balance is reflecting then labels will automatically be pushed again.

Please follow the below link for more information on EasyPost account balance and various methods to do it.

 EasyPost billing FAQ

How to make an item unserviceable?

You can do this by using product tags on Shopify.For more information please refer to the following link.

Product Tags

My return label is having the wrong address.

This happens when the default address under the service facilities tab is not updated. You can do this by following the below steps

Configure—> Shipping —> Service facilities

Changing default facility

Can I send the shipping label to a shopper again?

Yes, you can. To do that, navigate to the service request, and click on related requests. In the shipping section, you will see the button to resend the shipping label. You can type in the e-mail address you want this to be sent to and you will get the shipping label again.

Resending return label


How to do a Guest return?

Currently, we do not offer guest returns but the best workaround is to edit the address while processing the request from the admin side so the actual shopper is not notified of a Return/Exchange and using store credit as a refund method.

Guest returns workaround

Can we create an exception for an order which is out of the service window?

Yes, an exception can be made on the admin side by going to the service request and then clicking on create return button, and then clicking on the create exception which pops up right beside the item.

Creating an exception

I am not seeing any orders and it's showing the UFO bunny picture.

In cases like this doing a hard refresh will resolve the issue. The following shortcuts can be used to do a hard reset. We also recommend clearing the cache.


How can I enable/disable exchanges?

    • Exchanges can be enabled or disabled, via service reasons.

    • If you want to disable exchanges altogether, just ensure that no type of exchanges are enabled on any reason.

    • For more details, please see:

      Request Reasons

Can I enable serviceability of international orders?

Yes, it is possible to enable serviceability on international orders. For further details, please contact us on support@returnrabbit.com

Can I offer Gift Cards as a refund method to my shoppers?

Yes, you can. For more details, please visit the below link:
Refund Methods

How can i link my EasyPost account to ReturnRabbit once i set up my EasyPost account?

You can link your EasyPost account to ReturnRabbit in less than a minute by following the below tutorial.

I do not see my collections on the catalogue exchange settings?

You can enable catalogue exchanges for all products by selecting empty product type in settings but ReturnRabbit does not show automatic collection so you need to set up manual collections and finetune them on Shopify before adding them to the catalogue

Here is a link to help you set up collections on Shopify 
Tutorial for creating Manual collections

Can we make an order with a particular promo code unserviceable?

As of now merchants do not have this option but this can be done in the backend so all you need to do is send over the promo codes which needs to be blocked to Support and we will take care of the rest.