Exchanges- the space on the merchant portal where you can see and update all the settings on your shopper portal regarding exchanges. 

You can turn exchanges on or off from this portal. If you turn the exchanges off from here, your shoppers will only see return as an option and all mentions of exchanges will be taken away from the shopper portal.

To configure, go to:

Configure> Return Management> Exchanges

You will see the following page:

To allow exchanges across the portal, turn the toggle on. 


Please note- if the toggle is off, the system will disable any preset exchange options. 

The various benefits of exchanges that you can edit are described in detail throughout other articles in our knowledge base. 

The various configurations for exchanges are:

  • Discount Forwarding:
    Allow your shoppers to carry forward their original discounts when they choose to exchange
  • Honor Original Price on Variant Exchange

    This will allow your customers to exchange an item for the original price for a variant of their product once a promo period has ended.

    This can be used to also make even exchanges even though there are any markdowns in prices and will work along with discount forwarding.

  • Exchange Of Exchanges
    Enables shoppers to exchange a previously exchanged order.