Email Alerts

You can set up email alerts to help you and your team address any requests that need more immediate attention or intervention to make the customer experience better.

Alert Type:

There are three types of alert types that you can set up currently

  • Request Qualification

    If you have request qualification setup on your store depending on the request reason or amount, then that request will be added to the alert email automatically and will be sent out depending on the frequency you choose

  • Locked Requests

    Whenever a request gets locked due to any manual refund , Missing inventory, or Shopify API errors that will be added to the locked request alert and sent out depending on the email frequency

    For more info on locked requests please refer to: ‣

  • Pending Self Ship requests

    For any pending self-ship orders requested by the customers instead of prepaid or passthrough labels, they get added to the email alert and will be sent out as per the chosen frequency as they require manual intervention in most cases


The frequency for when the Email alerts are to be sent can be set up depending on your preference.

  • Every time a request enters the status as mentioned in the alert types
  • Every Day
  • Every Monday

 💡 Note: You can only select one frequency across all the alerts.

Recipients :

Recipients can be set up depending on preferences and there is an option to have multiple recipients as well so alerts can be addressed as soon as possible

Separate each email by a comma or hit enter and then enter another email to add multiple emails

💡 Due to your privacy settings, you might need to whitelist ReturnRabbit to allow us to send you emails in case your email client blocks us.