EasyPost Best practices

Prevent label failures by ensuring your account is sufficiently funded

Easypost's discounted labels are available through Return Rabbit, but this requires your EasyPost Account to be funded as the labels are pre-paid and drawn down from available funds. It is crucial to set up the recharge thresholds and recharge amounts on both your primary and secondary payment methods when using EasyPost. This will ensure that you do not encounter any label failures caused by insufficient funds.

We suggest using ACH as your primary method since the credit cards incur a service fee of 3%. We also suggest setting up a secondary payment method (Credit Card would be the fastest option), in case your primary method fails or takes too long.

Recharge Threshold

The value that will initiate a recharge. If your EasyPost account balance drops below the threshold amount, the system will automatically recharge your account using the amount you've designated as your "recharge amount."

Note: It is recommended to a sum equal to 7 days worth of labels as your recharge threshold as ACH transfers take a few business days to process if you have that as primary payment method. (i.e. if your label cost every week is $500, use that as your threshold)

Recharge Amount

The recharge amount refers to the sum of money that will be deposited into your EasyPost account when your account balance drops below the recharge threshold. This amount will be charged to your bank account or credit card, depending on the payment method you have selected as primary and if it fails the secondary payment will be used.

Note : When choosing your recharge amount, it is important to ensure that the amount is sufficient to bring your account balance above the recharge threshold. Otherwise, the system will attempt to recharge your account again and again until the balance exceeds the threshold. Therefore, it is advisable to select a recharge amount that is large enough to avoid multiple recharge attempts. We recommend an amount equal to one month worth of labels

Once your account balance falls below the recharge threshold, the system will automatically initiate a recharge of your account using the selected recharge amount. The deposited amount will then be added to your account balance, enabling you to continue using EasyPost services without interruption.

Recommendation Summary:  

In order to avoid any service interruptions, please be advised to set your recharge threshold to an amount equivalent to at least one week's worth of labels, based on your average usage. Similarly, the recharge amount should be set to an amount equivalent to at least one month's worth of label costs.