Carrier Configuration

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Carrier configuration comes into action when you have your own carrier or you have pre-negotiated rates with an existing carrier.

If you have pre-negotiated rates with a carrier, you can add API keys and use that carrier to issue return labels. By default, we set up a USPS account with standard rates for your store which will be used to issue labels if you enable 'Send Label' shipping method from Settings. For more details, see this link:

Shipping Methods

Now, to add a carrier, we would require your account details based on the carrier that you choose to add. For different carriers, we require different information. The different carriers that we allow are:

  • Pitney Bowes
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • Newgistics
  • DHL e-commerce
  • USPS

Let's go through the process of adding a carrier.

To add a carrier, navigate to Configuration > Shipping > Carrier Configuration

There, you will see a table that shows you a list of added carriers.

  1. To add a carrier, click on add a carrier. This will take you to a new page where you will be prompted to add the carrier details.

    There, select a carrier, and based on that choice you will be required to enter certain details, that will help Return Rabbit to connect to your account with the carrier. That way, we can manage the shipping rates better.

  1. Once you have added the details for the carrier, you will be required to add rates. That's when the standard box and weights come into play. To add a shipping method (or SLA service level agreement) click on add a shipping method. Select a rate, and add the weight class.

  1. To add a shipping method, click on configure, and then select the various shipping speeds provided by the carrier.

    For each speed, add a weight class and the respective rates. once, configured, it would look like this:

Once you have completed that, your carrier will be set up. The next step will be to modify your shipping lanes to use this newly added carrier.

One of the major features offered by ReturnRabbit is that you can choose to have different carriers for different shipping lanes.

For example, you can use USPS for shoppers shipping items from state A to Warehouse X but then use DHL for shoppers shipping items from State B to Warehouse Y.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please reach out to us on