Bonus Exchange Credits

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Monetary exchange incentives are a type of exchange incentive that can be applied in conjunction with the incentives that you are already configuring. You can take control of the situations this incentive applies, and configure a maximum value that the incentive will not go beyond.

 👉🏼 This incentive will apply to each request in the order service that is an exchange.

How to configure it?

To configure your monetary incentive, navigate to:

Configure > Return Management > Exchanges

When you scroll down, you will see a section titled Monetary exchange incentives.

To configure your incentive, click on the pencil icon. This will open up a popup.

You can have two types of discounts. A fixed amount, or a percentage discount.

Fixed Amount: An amount that you have mentioned will be provided to the shopper as a credit for each exchange that they make.

Percentage Discount: A percentage that you have specified will be provided to the shopper as a credit for each exchange that they make. The amount will be calculated on the price of the Original Purchase. For percentage discounts, you can also set up a threshold value. The threshold value will be the maximum discount that a particular individual request can have.

For each type of discount, you can set whether the discount applies on:

  • Exchange types this incentive applies to
    • Higher order exchange

      An exchange where the new item's price is more than the item originally purchased, i.e. the shopper will have to pay more to complete that exchange

You can only have one type of incentive active at one time, either a fixed amount or a percentage.