Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Prep

Setting up extended service windows, final sale blocks, and more in preparation for a successful post-sale season

There are several things a merchant may do during the sale season to offer great discounts and customer service to their shoppers. Here's a list of ways you can set up your returns portal to aid in that. 

  • Extended Return Windows
    • Merchants may choose to offer a longer return window during the holiday season, for example "Any items purchased between Nov 20th and Dec 20th are eligible for return until Jan 30th"
      This can be set up by Adding an Exception to your Service Window configuration. More on that here
  • Discount Codes
    • If you are using Discount Codes (order discounts, product discounts, BxGy Discounts etc.) from Shopify, we have the ability to block those from being returned.
      Please email with the discount codes you'd like to be blocked form return service
  • Manual/Time-bound Price Adjustments
    • For doorbusters, deep discounts during certain time-periods, etc. your team may choose to drop prices on certain products for a limited time. If you'd like the limited time prices to be blocked for any return service, you can include a temporary tag on those products. This tag should be placed during the time of the discount - our suggestion would be to include this as a step when the price is being adjustment. 
      Let us know what that tag is, and we can block returns
  • Allow even-priced exchanges on variants
    • If you shoppers buy a discounted item but the size or color (or any other variant you have set up) doesn't work out and they need to swap it out - you can offer that at no extra cost. Make sure you have "Honor Original Price on Variant Exchange" turned on in your Exchanges section