Additional Features

Summary of all the toggles in the Additional features tab.

  • Discount Forwarding

    Discount forwarding occurs when a shopper decides to exchange a product that they initially purchased for a discount. In this case, the shopper gets the same discount on their new product as they got when initially making the purchase. This can be used as an exchange incentive because it lets the shopper keep their initial discount only when exchanging.

  • Edit Service Address

    Edit service address is another feature that makes the return process convenient for your shoppers. If you turn this on, your shopper gets the capability of changing their service address when creating a service request. The service address is the address from where the shopper will send the returned products to you, and should they choose to exchange, receive the products.

  • Dynamic Package Weight

    Dynamic package weight changes the way we calculate the package weight. It will allow the system to calculate the true weight of the shopper's package. When dynamic package weight is turned on, the system will get the weight of the variant selected by the shopper and give that as the package weight.

  • Dynamic Shipping Rates

    Dynamic shipping rates let your shoppers choose the shipping label they will use when sending the products back to you, based on price, delivery speed, etc. If this is turned off, the system will select the cheapest label and show it to your shopper as the only option. This feature works in tandem with Direct Shipping Rates, and with the interaction of these two features, you can get 4 different shipping methods. For more information, please read: Interactions of dynamic shipping rates and direct shipping rates

  • Direct Shipping Rates

    Direct shipping rates specify whether the shipping rates are taken from our system or come directly from the aggregator. This feature, along with Dynamic Shipping Rates can allow you four different shipping methods. For more information, please read:

    Interactions of dynamic shipping rates and direct shipping rates

  • Allow Exchange Order Processing

    This feature deals with the service of an exchange of exchange orders. This means that if the shopper has exchanged a product initially, and they're unsatisfied with the exchanged product as well, they can make another exchange request to you. So, when this feature is turned on, the shopper can exchange the product they exchanged for initially.

  • Allow BxGy Service

    This feature deals with BxGy type of orders. Turning this on will allow you to process BxGy orders, and your shoppers can request services on such orders.

  • BxGy Allow Paid Returns Only

    When processing BxGy orders, this will allow the shoppers to return only the items that they paid for. They can keep the items they got for free, but will have to return the paid items. If this is turned off, the shopper will have to return the paid items along with the free items.

  • Automatic Payment Method Change

    This feature deals with requests that have remained unserviced for more than 60 days. In this case, the payment method for refund will automatically switch to Gift Card instead of the Original Payment Method. This means that you can not refund to the original payment method, once the request has aged more than 60 days.

  • Shipment Pickup Offered

    This feature will allow your shoppers to set up a pick-up for the products that they are returning. This would work if the carrier that they choose provides the facility of the pickup, and their shipping label is eligible for the same.

  • Restock on Automation

    This feature applies to the orders that have been automated at some stage through the warehouse system. If there has been automation, the products will be automatically marked for restocking, instead of being sent for scrap.

  • QR Code Support

    This feature will allow the shopper to opt for a QR Code instead of a printable shipping label. They can carry the QR Code to selected pickup centers and their shipping label will be generated for them. The QR support is only possible if you are using USPS through Return Rabbit.

  • Honor Inventory Policy

    This will allow your shoppers to exchange with a product that is currently out of stock. If you allow this on Shopify for forwarding orders, you can also allow this for reverse orders.

  • Waive Exchange Shipping Fee

    When you want to waive the shipping fee for exchanges, you can do that by turning this feature on. This will make the shipping label cost zero for the exchange orders. This only applies to Domestic Orders.

  • Allow Multi-Currency Order

    By default, orders with a currency other than store default are not serviceable. Enable this feature if you want to allow non-standard currency orders to be serviced. For example, if your default store currency is USD, then orders placed in other currencies, are not serviceable but you can allow serviceability on those by enabling this feature.

  • Offer International Labels

    By default, you will not be able to issue international shipping labels to your shoppers. Enable this feature to allow international shipping labels. The price of the label will be determined by the option you have chosen in the shipping methods section for international labels.

  • Honor Original Price on Variant Exchange

    This will allow your customers to exchange an item for the original price for a variant of their product once a promo period has ended.

    This can be used to also make even exchanges even though there are any markdowns in prices and will work along with discount forwarding.